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Daiji (大事) means important in Japanese and o-daiji ni (お大事に) means take care ...but Daijikun was also the name (or so I thought!) of my favourite dog in Japan growing up - a massive Newfoundland who was bigger than me! It turns out his name is actually spelt Daichikun but I only found this out recently. Regardless, he holds a special place in my heart; he sparked my love for animals and without him I doubt I would have the two amazing dogs I have now. I'll always associate him with my happy holidays growing up in Japan.


Nostalgic memories like these from Japan have made me really want to share my passion for the country with people in the UK. The best way I thought to do that was to try to bring some of the best Japanese products I have discovered over the years over here. The products I am sharing are practical, high quality, cool and kawaii (かわいい).

I also want to share information on things that I love about Japan, so I have a 'Keep Up' section where I will let you know about events, festivals and other amazing facts including things on nature, the environment and everyday life, I'll even be teaching a bit of Japanese!

All the things I am going to share and sell will be things that I myself have thought are cool, good value and will be loved by you. All the photos I use on the website are taken by me (or my family).





I was born and raised in Cambridge, England but have been visiting Japan regularly since I was 6 months old. I have lived in Tokyo and Niigata, and have experienced the serene mountainous side of Japan with monkeys, dragonflies and vast expanses of countryside as well as the bright neon lights and crowded streets of Tokyo and Osaka. I have been really lucky to have seen many different aspects of Japan and really appreciate the incredible things which the country has to offer. My dual heritage has given me the best of both worlds but I know that many people are unable to experience the wonders of Japan, especially at this time, and so I hope I can bring a little bit of Japan to you!



We strive to supply popular, practical products which are fully functional but stylish too and are typically found in Japanese stores. We ensure that everything we sell is of a high quality but also a good value. We even try to match or sometimes beat prices of local big brand stationery stores where we can! We value any input you can give us on products you would like to see so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas. 



At the moment we only deliver within the UK. Orders should arrive within 2-5 working days after payment.

  • Order over £25 - free

  • Orders under £25 - £2.99

We accept returns within 14 days of purchase in its original condition and packaging and proof of purchase must be supplied. You will get a full refund for any products purchased but we do not reimburse delivery or return postage charges. Please also note that we no longer enclose a printed receipt of your order but instead you should find an electronic verion on your wix account and sent to you via email.



We provide high quality Japanese style products, primarily from Japan or Japanese brands. Japanese products are well known for their great designs, quality and functionality so we endeavour to provide the same to you. We aim for the lowest possible prices whilst being conscious that many products face shipping fees from being transported directly from Japan.



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